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GTA San Andreas 2023


GTA San Andreas For Android

Download the game gta san andreas for Android, and join one of the most powerful adventure games in a large open world in which you can do whatever you want inside, accomplish all the tasks required of you, and share the fun with your friends by playing online in the multiplayer stage and competing for who is The fastest to complete the daily tasks, download it now and enjoy the best moments of all time, because we all know the popularity of the game grand theft auto san andreas provided in apk format on Android.

Also known as car thieves, the game can drive all kinds of cars, bikes, and planes, and use them to perform basic tasks within the game, or drive around the city of San Andreas. You can download the gta game for the phone for free and discover more inside the game.

gta san andreas for android

The gta sa game for Android spread very quickly around the world and was able to win millions of players thanks to the previous parts of the game and the fun that players find inside the game in addition to the graphics and graphics that attract the player so that they feel that he is part of the game, the game started at the beginning and is specialized in popular game platforms such as PlayStation and PC, but to make it easier for gamers and to be able to play anywhere, Rockstar North has designed a new part that supports play on Android platforms, so now you can download grand theft auto san andreas in a small size and start playing from anywhere.

How to download GTA San Andreas

The way to download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is simple and no different than installing any other game. All you have to do is follow these steps:
  1. Download gta game for phone free apk and install it on your phone and never open the app.
  2. Download the game data file “obb” and then decompress it using decompression programs so that the file is ready for you. Enter it again, you will find the same
    file with the same name.
  3. Then by transferring the game file to a file inside the files on your phone called “Android”, you will find many files inside it. Search for the Obb file and put the game file inside it.
  4. Finally, go to the game file from the interface of your phone and open it, and you will open the GTA San Andreas game on Android with ease.
  5. You can watch the video at the end of the article if you cannot install it.

The original GTA San Andreas game for Android4

The original GTA San Andreas game contains many features that you will discover after installing the GTA San Andreas game application on your phone, and one of the most important features of the game are the tasks that the game contains, so there are many tasks that await you to accomplish them, in addition to some features that Make your experience of the game and here are the features of the game:

  • Graphic and graphics.
  • game engine.
  • game characters.
  • arms.
  • Friends and support groups.
  • Open game world.
  • Graphics and graphics

Download GTA San Andreas for Android 2023

Download the app

Downlaod File obb